Summer in New York


In the heart of New York City’s West Village, Corey and Henry posed for an engagement session that perfectly captured their love story. From the charming streets to the historic buildings, every moment reflected their deep connection and happiness. Corey’s elegant dress fluttered in the breeze as she swayed in front of a charming cafe, while Henry’s eyes sparkled with love. Their chemistry was undeniable, creating a series of heartfelt moments that showcased their genuine affection for each other. As the sun set, Corey and Henry’s love radiated through every photo. From sweet moments on park benches to tender embraces against the backdrop of the city, each image captured the depth of their connection.

The West Village’s romantic ambiance provided a beautiful backdrop for Corey and Henry’s engagement session. From the iconic Washington Square Park to the cozy side streets, each location added a unique touch to their love story. It was evident that their journey together was just beginning, filled with endless possibilities and shared dreams.

As Corey and Henry’s engagement session came to an end, the West Village and NY Public Library stood as a symbol of their love and commitment. The beauty of the neighborhood mirrored the beauty of their relationship, creating a timeless and memorable experience. Walking hand in hand into the night, it was clear that their love story was just beginning, filled with endless possibilities and shared dreams. They are getting married next May in New York City, a celebration that will undoubtedly be as beautiful and full of love as their engagement session. I will never not be obsessed with these two and their love!

xx Raegan B.

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