Boy oh boy was this session so amazing. Every detail was maticuoulsy planned out for months all thanks to my lovely bride, Timeri. She put so much thought into exactly what she wanted for her engagement session and I think we we able to capture everything she wanted and more.

During this downtown engagement session with Timeri + Dylan, I found that capturing quiet moments between these two was surprisingly effortless. Along with the usual playful poses, these serene interludes allowed the couple to relax, be themselves, and simply enjoy each other’s company. In these instances, the couple’s love and connection shone through effortlessly, creating intimate and heartfelt images that beautifully encapsulated the depth of their relationship. The soft glances, gentle touches, and shared smiles during these quiet moments revealed the genuine bond and affection they shared, making these captures some of the most poignant and emotive of the entire session.

CHEERS to these love birds. Cannot wait to capture their wedding day Fall 2024💌

xx Raegan B.

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