Millie got Married


Millie’s bridal session truly encapsulated her essence as a little ball of sunshine. Her radiant personality and infectious energy brought a unique warmth and joy to the soft and feminine ambiance of the photos. The delicate details of her gown and the gentle color palette perfectly complemented her elegant and graceful presence, creating a harmonious blend of beauty and happiness. Against the picturesque backdrop of the grand location we chose, Millie’s smile lit up every frame, capturing the excitement and anticipation of her upcoming wedding day. The combination of her vibrant spirit and the timeless elegance of the setting resulted in a collection of photos that not only showcased her beauty but also reflected the love and positivity she brings to every moment. She is perfect to me. I have loved capturing every aspect of this season for her and her best guy. I could not adore her more if I tried. Just WAIT until you see her wedding photos!!!! Much much more to come. 💌

xx Raegan B.

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