Meet Raegan B.

My full name is Raegan Buckley Snell & If you are wondering why I go by ‘Raegan Buckley’… you’re not alone. To answer that question in the easiest way I know how, I chose to use my middle name for my business when I was 17 years old. Buckley is my mothers maiden name and I am so fortunate to inherit that part of her.

I love that my middle name is unique & that I am able to incorporate it into my everyday by using it as my business name. And in 2015, Raegan Buckley Photography WAS BORN.

I currently reside in Northwest Arkansas, where I received a degree in marketing and Journalism AD/PR at the University of Arkansas. Woo pig! I started my photography journey at 14 and acquired my business license when I was just 15 years old.

I shot my first wedding when I was 16 and I knew early on what set my soul on fire. 11 years (and a lot of growing) later, my life long passion has developed into hanging out with the coolest people and capturing photographs they will cherish for a lifetime. 

I have a big love for the color pink, reading, TRAVELING,  long road trips, Netflix (New Girl, Vampire Diaries, Sex and The City, you know? All the basic girl shows), planning the cutest picnics with the greatest of friends and seeing all the beautiful things God put on this earth for us to enjoy!

I am engaged to my best friend Ben and planning to wed in May of 2024! Until then I think I am among the last few *unmarried* wedding photographers in the industry. While I will be changing my last name, my business name will always be Buckley 😉

Any questions for me? I am an open book and would love to chat more!!

xx, Raegan

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